I help PHP SaaS businesses like yours fix broken development processes.

Ever feel like developing new features and fixing existing bugs takes far too long? Wonder if you should be hiring more developers to work on your team? Too often, what’s happening is that your development process is broken. But I help businesses like yours fix those processes and make them work well again.

Problematic development processes aren’t that unusual. Many companies start off with a founder who is the lead developer, and grow as the company grows. But without good process in place, it can be challenging to grow the team effectively. What ends up happening instead is that quality declines while bugs increase, and new feature development grinds to a halt.

I help companies fix this by bringing a unique blend of experience, cutting-edge techniques and collaborative methodologies to bear on your most challenging problems. I dig deep for the root causes, analyze the problem in the context of your unique business and culture, and offer solutions tailored to your business and development team.

Broken development processes don’t have to stay broken forever. Get in touch and let’s see how we can improve yours today.

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