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Languages change. Perspectives are different. Ideas move on. This article was published on December 30, 2012 which is more than two years ago. It may be out of date. You should verify that technical information in this article is still current before relying upon it for your own purposes.

dtntcoverWhen I released Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP, I also included a free bonus of “Programmer in Command: What Aviation Teaches Software Developers”. This manifesto contains several suggestions that I learned over time as the best software development practices. I offered it until January 1st, 2013, and since that’s coming up on us very quickly, I wanted to offer a last chance to get it along with Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP.

Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP is aimed at developers who know the basics of object oriented development and want to learn the best practices as applied to PHP. Rather than teaching the basics of object oriented PHP, it shows you how combine the mechanics of object oriented PHP with the tried and true computer science best practices in a concrete way. And since PHP has a number of features not seen in other languages, it answers some of the most important questions about some of the PHP-specific features you’ll encounter.

The book has received a number of positive comments from readers. For example, Jeremy Curcio wrote:

“I come from a very functional background and the theory behind object oriented programming never made much sense to me. Sure, I could hack it together, but that didn’t mean I knew what I was doing. After reading your book, I have learned a fair bit more about the “why” of OOP. The book was an easy read and your use of the English language made it easy to understand. Thanks for writing this book!”

Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP is only $39, and it will help elevate your career to the next level. Plus, I offer a money back guarantee with no questions asked! Get your copy now or read the full description of the book for more details. But whatever you do, don’t wait!

Write better object oriented PHP today.

Object oriented programming always leaves you with a headache. What if you could master it instead?

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