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I have written two books to date. You can get both below.

Mastering Object Oriented PHP

cover Write better object oriented PHP today! Object oriented PHP always leaves you with a headache. What if you could master it instead? Mastering Object Oriented PHP is designed to leave you with the tools you need to be an object oriented PHP master. Get more information about the book.

The PHP Playbook

In 2008, I was brand new to software development. I had no idea how to work with a team. I had only ever worked on personal projects. I knew PHP, sure, but I had no idea about the “other” tools of the trade like version control, unit testing, or continuous integration. And so, to the School of Hard Knocks(tm) I went.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for you. The PHP Playbook is filled with insights, information and tips on how to work with a team, how to test, benchmark, version control and refactor your code. It contains information on finding a job, working with a team and producing great applications in PHP.

This book is invaluable for individuals just starting out or who want more information on what tools are available for them to utilize in their development environment. Pick up your copy today!