Take your learning to the next level!

Object-oriented PHP can be really hard to learn on your own. Thankfully you don’t have to – that’s why I created the Object-Oriented PHP Masterclass!

oopmThis is a hands-on class focused on helping you learn object-oriented PHP in the most effective way possible – by doing it. This isn’t a “watch me” class, but a hands-on, practical class where you’ll actually write code and have it evaluated for correctness. When you’re done, you’ll be able to take your new skills and immediately apply them to the work that you’re doing!

The Object-Oriented PHP Masterclass is offered 3 to 4 times per year. Make sure you check out the class website for more information on when the next session will be!

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Long to learn how you can develop modern applications using object-oriented PHP? Curious about how to apply all these best practices to your code?

Modern Object-Oriented PHP is a brand-new book focused on teaching you the techniques you need for writing modern, well-designed object-oriented applications!

The book lands in April. Sign up today for a sample chapter plus special launch day discounts!

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