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The long wait is over! Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP is now available!

If you’ve ever had to rewrite code that didn’t pass code review, this book is for you. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your PHP development skills, this book is for you. This book is for everybody who ever struggled to understand object oriented programming.

I remember trying to learn about object oriented programming. It was hard. I bought a number of thick textbooks which were totally unhelpful (and geared towards C or Java developers). I tried searching online. I tried reading the PHP manual. I read every PHP object oriented programming book that I could find, and I realized that there needed to be something different. That’s why I wrote Do This, Not That: to make sure that nobody ever had to struggle to understand these concepts again.

Anthony Fererra had this to say about Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP:

“Very nice work! Brandon does an excellent job presenting complex material in an easy to understand and balanced way. Speaking not only from his personal experience but also community’s experience, Do This, Not That fills an important role by bridging the gap between conceptual knowledge and practical experience. Until now, there wasn’t a single object oriented PHP book that I could recommend (mainly due to them all being garbage). I’m glad to finally have one! Do This, Not That was a great read.

Upgrade your PHP skills today! The book is available for $39. Plus, from now until December 31st, you’ll receive a free bonus copy of “Programmer in Command: What Aviation Teaches Software Developers”, a unique perspective on development best practices.

Get your copy now or get more information!

Write better object oriented PHP today.

Object oriented programming always leaves you with a headache. What if you could master it instead?

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