Introducing “Do This, Not That” For PHP Developers

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Do This, Not That

When I was a new PHP developer, I discovered that there’s a myriad of solutions, options, configurations and frameworks available. I thought, how does one sift through all the noise and get something done? How can anyone have a grasp of the best practices in PHP, and make sense out of all the options? Which extensions do we use, and how do we use them? What’s a best practice, anyway?

This is why I’ve decided to offer “Do This, Not That” for beginning and intermediate PHP developers looking to find a better grasp on precisely how to develop in PHP. This great series of highly focused e-books will offer tips, tricks and best practices focused on core areas of PHP development, including databases, security, filtering, regular expressions, configuration and more. Since it will be a series of tightly targeted solutions, developers will be able to pick all, some or just one of the offerings that solves their specific problem(s).

Each e-book will answer the basic questions of “what should I use?”, “why should I use it?” and “where do I go from here?” You will learn what the best practices for a given facet of PHP are, and how to apply them to their own code. It will take guesswork out of the manual and uncertainty out of the development process. You will be empowered to work more effectively, and ultimately use your knowledge to your advantage.

The first e-book is targeted for an early November launch date. But I know people are excited about this offer want to get a sneak peak at the material early as it’s being developed. And so I have decided to open up registration for those who want to get an early look. For those signing up today, I will offer a preview of the material, as well as special offers and updates. But you must sign up soon, because once the first materials go out, the special offers stop!

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