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July Slides

July was a month of talks and travel, including speaking at OSCON and user group talks to DCPHP and PDXPHP.

For those who saw the “Micro Optimize This!” talk, you can download the slides here.

For those looking for the “Five Tips To Make Good Object Oriented Code Better” slides, those are available here.

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  1. As a learnt developer myself I understand the relationships of Inheritance and Composition but I must say the example you give in the second slide is the best example to explain the mechanics of OO I have seen in a long time.

    Excellent and well done (once again).

  2. Performance slides seem ok but did not have time to get into details.

    Was that slide with “red bullshit image” not on Ilia’s presentations for last 4 years or so? i would check copyrights with him ;-)

  3. Ilia used a similar slide. But the image I used is different. Copyright applies to content, not ideas. But thanks for trying to make an issue where there is none. ;-)

  4. Hi Brandon,
    Nice slides. One question though, how good is using APC when autoloaders are pervasive?

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