Making better object oriented design decisions

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Languages change. Perspectives are different. Ideas move on. This article was published on May 10, 2013 which is more than two years ago. It may be out of date. You should verify that technical information in this article is still current before relying upon it for your own purposes.

Last week I finished up the first section of The Object Oriented PHP Masterclass. The class was great, and I learned about as much from my students as they learned from me. One of the most common questions I got from my students was “how do I make decisions about how to design my object oriented applications?” This question got me thinking about object oriented design.

The syntax of object oriented PHP is relatively straightforward…

The truth is that the syntax of OO PHP is pretty straightforward and simple. Sure, there are complexities in the availability of things like interfaces versus abstract classes, and concepts like public vs. protected vs. private, plus final and abstract classes.

Taking all of that into account, though, object oriented PHP syntax is pretty simple to understand with a little bit of practice.

Object oriented design is really hard.

On the other hand, object oriented design is really hard. The concepts and theories, plus how they apply to real life code, is the most challenging thing about object oriented PHP.

This makes sense. Obviously object oriented design forces a new way of thinking. But object oriented design should be easier. You can think about object oriented applications and make good decisions, if you know how.

Making object oriented design easier

In early June, you’ll be able to make your object oriented design problems a whole lot easier.

On June 8th, I’ll be hosting the Mastering Object Oriented Design seminar. This four hour seminar is designed to help you take away actionable tools you can use to improve your object oriented design decisions today.

You will walk away feeling empowered to return to your own code and focus on making solid design decisions that will reduce bugs, increase maintainability.

This will all be available for the super-low early bird price of $179. But, if you’ve purchased a copy of Mastering Object Oriented PHP you’ll get a sweet discount!

Registration opens next week! Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips on how to solve object oriented programming problems, plus information on how to register for The Mastering Object Oriented Design seminar.

Write better object oriented PHP today.

Object oriented programming always leaves you with a headache. What if you could master it instead?

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