Looking Back: Learning From Old Code

In 2007 I wrote a blogging program from scratch. I was really proud of it, too. It was all my own invention, with a little help that I got from a Facebook developer I knew, and I worked really hard on it. Spent the whole summer writing it so I’d be able to launch it in time to blog from Washington, when I moved here. When I started looking for coding jobs, I gave them the website address as an example of my work.

Turns out that it’s great they didn’t ask for a code sample.
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To Those I Don’t Follow, Unfollow, Or Otherwise Feel Slighted On Twitter

A couple people have followed me and then complained (or unfollowed) me because I didn’t follow them back. To those who feel slighted, I’m sorry that you feel that way. Let me explain why and how I follow people.

As of this writing, I have 166 followers and 95 96 people that I follow daily. Obviously I follow fewer people than choose to follow me; this is not because I am rude or do not wish to follow back. It is simply a matter of (and I can’t believe I’m using this over-played cliche) the signal-to-noise ratio.

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Balancing Work And Life

Last year, I worked a lot. A lot. Between working full time (and sometimes overtime), and running a small business, I probably put in a good sixty or seventy hours a week. The money was nice and the projects were intriguing, that’s to be sure, but the workload was a bit too much.

I learned in doing it that you have to balance work and life, and you have to find a way to strike that balance for the benefit of the others in your life, too. Otherwise you end up alone, spending all your time working. I decided to employ five techniques for striking a work-life balance. Here I’ll share them with you.

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