Making Zend_Navigation Useful

In the last blog post, we discussed creating Zend_Navigation pages and containers. This is certainly wonderful and exciting, but the reality is that for the most part, Zend_Navigation is a pretty useless component of Zend Framework until you have a way to get the data out of the structure you’ve built. And since navigation is a component of most people’s views, we have a view helper to give us the tools we need.

When inside the view, there is a helper method called navigation() that can be accessed to do pretty much any of the things you need to do with the navigation objects. So let’s get started.

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The Browser Wars: Not Yet Settled

The browser wars did not end with the fall of Netscape and the triumph of Internet Explorer. Indeed not; there is still a fierce competition out there for the supreme browser on the internet. This post was mostly spurred by a recent post done by Keith Parnell which asserts that 73.04% of all internet traffic is viewed on Internet Explorer. Well, that should settle the debate, right?

Not so fast.
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The Need for Administrative Interface

Quick – you have a tight budget and you need to save money. What do you cut? If you said the admin interface, you are like many clients I’ve had but strangely, you’d still be wrong.

Lots of people figure that the public facing portion of the website is the most important. And for the most part, they’d be right. The public facing portion should be clean, streamlined, and intuitive. But forgetting the administration interface is like having a sleek sportscar with absolutely no controls. Wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

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