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Diversifying This Blog

When I began writing this blog back in August of 2008, I stated that I wanted to write about the things that I cared about. At the time that list included a slice of technology, largely focused on the LAMP stack. As I’ve changed over the years, I’ve also increased the things that I care about: family, aviation, travel, Python, cooking, and others. Since I don’t have time to start a blog on all of these topics individually (I’d do nothing but blog!), it only seems natural that I would start writing about them here.

Of course, this means for those of you who read this blog for technology, things will be changing. Technology is no longer the sole focus, but you can still read about technology by visiting the technology category or subscribing to the technology feed. It’s up to you whether or not you want to read blog posts about my cats or my cooking or my flying lessons, but I promise not to tag any of those technology, so that you can get what you want.

This new chapter will be exciting, and I can hardly wait to share my new interests and passions with the world.

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