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Mastering Object Oriented PHP 20% Off This Weekend

Object oriented PHP can be a struggle. It’s complicated, difficult, abstract, obtuse. You fight. You end up with a headache. You wish there was an easier way to learn object oriented PHP.

Ever since releasing Mastering Object Oriented PHP in December, PHP developers have had an easy and straightforward way to learn how to write better object oriented PHP. It is possible to write better object oriented PHP; Mastering Object Oriented PHP can help!

I shared the book with Anthony Ferrara and he had this to say about Mastering Object Oriented PHP

“Very nice work! Brandon does an excellent job presenting complex material in an easy to understand and balanced way. Speaking not only from his personal experience but also community’s experience, Mastering Object Oriented PHP fills an important role by bridging the gap between conceptual knowledge and practical experience. Until now, there wasn’t a single object oriented PHP book that I could recommend (mainly due to them all being garbage). I’m glad to finally have one! Mastering Object Oriented PHP A book that’s a great deal at $39 is a steal at just $31.20. Plus, when you pick up your copy of Mastering Object Oriented PHP, you’ll receive a sweet discount on The Object Oriented PHP Masterclass! This deal won’t last long so pick up your copy today!

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  1. As nice as this book looks even 20% off is quite a bit of money for a 77 page e-book. For that price I can get 300 pages of PHP in a real book. This should be 10 to 15 dollars and it would be a must buy.

    Just my opinion. Thanks

  2. I find that book length is a poor indicator of overall quality. This book is laser-focused, written to be clear and concise, and designed to help you become an expert at object oriented PHP. A book that will boost your skills and improve your job opportunities is well worth $32 to me.

  3. I agree with the statement that the length of the book is not a determinant of its price. I’ve seen a lot of books that were long and no value.

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