The Key To Perfecting The Art Of Software Development Is…

To perfect the art of software development, you need three things: intellect, a desire to become better, and a willingness to change. Change, perhaps, is the hardest trait of all to obtain, yet it is the most necessary ingredient.

Welcome. I’m Brandon Savage, and I am a software developer with Mozilla and a developer of web applications. I’m also an author, having written The PHP Playbook and Mastering Object Oriented PHP.

Getting Started

To get started, here are a few entries that you might be interested in:

Frustrated with your company’s development practices?

You don't have to be!

No matter what the issues are, they can be fixed. You can begin to shed light on these issues with my handy checklist.

Plus, I'll help you with strategies to approach the issues at the organization level and "punch above your weight."

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