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The Crafting Code Tour Is Coming To YOU!

This summer, several PHP developers (myself included) will be embarking on a 16-city speaking tour called The Crafting Code Tour. This multi-state, multi-country event is designed to bring great outside speakers to user groups around the United States and Canada. Today, I’m pleased to announce the dates for The Crafting Code Tour!

We’ll be visiting the following locations on the following dates:

  • Washington, DC – June 11
  • Raleigh, NC – June 18
  • Charlotte, NC – June 19
  • Charleston, SC – June 23
  • Orlando, FL – June 24
  • Miami, FL – June 25
  • Tampa Bay, FL – June 26
  • Atlanta, GA – June 30
  • Nashville, TN – July 2
  • Dallas, TX – July 8
  • Austin, TX – July 10
  • Tulsa, OK – July 11
  • Minneapolis, MN – July 14
  • Milwaukee/Madison (In Madison) – July 15
  • Cincinnati, OH – July 16
  • Toronto, ON – July 17
  • New York, NY – July 21

Want to get more details about the tour? Head on over to The Crafting Code Tour website or follow us on Twitter!

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